Corel/Ventura 5.0

Subject: Corel/Ventura 5.0
From: Bob Armao <bob -at- BRS -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 1994 10:16:10 EDT

While the Corel/Ventura thread is active:

As George Hayhoe and others have suggested, we are awaiting Corel/Ventura
5.0 to see if our prayers are answered -- my voucher is in the mail.
We plan to use Word 6.0 for word processing and use a publishing program
(hopefully the new Corel/Ventura) for producing manuals. I have found Word
to be a top notch product, BUT -- it is not the answer for lengthy and
complex technical documents.

We still have a bevy of Ventura 3.0 DOS/GEM documents. Why? Because we
were not enamoured with Ventura's first attempts at producing a Windows-based
product. So -- Can we leapfrog from Ventura 3.0 documents to
Corel/Ventura 5.0? Are the .txt, .chp, .sty files portable? I understand
that the .wid and .cif files are going away. Do these files contain any
information that I need to keep or can I just wish them good riddance?

We also have produced manuals using Word 6.0 (despite it's difficulties).
I have invested a lot of work in formatting, indexing, and cross
referencing, in Word. How much of this effort is retained by the
Word-->Ventura filters?

I realize that Corel/Ventura isn't out yet, but does anyone have some
advance knowledge of this release? What might we expect based on
Corel/Ventura 4.2 performance?

I think a few people have been down a similar road, and perhaps others are
getting ready to follow.

Thanks in advance. I'm looking forward to trying Corel/Ventura 5.0,
but we have to make some plans before actually getting our hands on it.
Yes, decisions based on less than complete knowledge - reality rears its
ugly head again.

Respond to the group I suppose, or me if you prefer at: bob -at- brs -dot- com

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