Re: Winning on Jeopardy/Job Prestige (fwd)

Subject: Re: Winning on Jeopardy/Job Prestige (fwd)
From: Joe Fockler <jfockler -at- IPHASE -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 1994 13:14:28 -0500

(Laughing ...) I'm glad we have dropped the moral and political
postings in favor of these postings which are more relevant to technical
writing. I have to admit that I usually bring to work only the clothes
that I'm wearing and some workout clothes. I will be sure to bring the
four additional changes of clothes :)

Thank you to all contributors to this thread who have left out any
mention of the crime bill. Now that the bill has been signed I sure feel
a lot safer carrying four changes of clothing to work. It is now actually
a crime to commit a crime! We're no longer in jeopardy. :)


+ >
+ >This contestant won $83K for a "week's" work? (I've heard that the shows
+ >are taped in a shorter time and broadcast over a week.)
+ >

+ They tape five shows in one day (you have to bring changes of clothes
+ with you). The most he could have worked is two days, depending on
+ which show in the day was his first. The contestants sit in a pool
+ and they don't tell you which show you'll be on until about 20 minutes
+ beforehand.

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