A somewhat related cost/benefit I'net justif.

Subject: A somewhat related cost/benefit I'net justif.
From: Jack Shaw <jsh -at- SOFTWARE-AG -dot- DE>
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 1994 07:52:14 MEZ

The following just rolled across my enchanted fishtank,
and I thought it might be extrapolatable for other


Healthmatrix subscribers,

Here's the annual thread (about this time last year there was a thread that
went 'berserk' on Internet Cost Justification on HSPNET-L) on the value and
benefits of using different aspects of the Internet for health services. As
an opening thought, I wanted to summarize some of Gary Malet's documented
benefits from last year's thread and propose that this thread's goal to
be in building a bibliography of such publications. Gary listed the

Justifications for Internet:
> * Reduced long distance phone costs
> * May be able to give up some leased lines
> * Sharing a smaller number of modems
> * Possible increase in productivity
> * Increase in work quality due to professional contacts and services
> * Very large number of organizations already connected
> * Savings using MedLine via Internet rather than CD ROM
> * Easier researching of some clinical cases

>I will add a few others:
> * "Worldwide audience" benefits in asking clinical or technical
> questions, setting up worldwide specialty groups
> * Worldwide access to software and databases
> * Speedier and more reliable mail than letter or fax (e.g. to Russia)
> * Increasing access to federal and state advisories and reports
> (e.g., CDC, FDA, NIH)
> * Distance education and accreditation
> * Reduce the "isolation" of physicians in remote areas

The head of my firm's research center just sent me an article that appeared
in the 15 September 1994 issue of The Wall Street Journal entitled:
"Companies Go Online to Chat, Spy and Rebut." I thought this article would
be of interest to many of you who are looking for ways to justify the value
of Internet connections. There is also a good book I picked up in January
by Mary Cronin (I receive no royalties!) entitled: _Doing Business on the
Internet_. This reference is also filled with non-health care businesses
conducting valuable trade and commerce through this very useful and often
misunderstood forum. I am tired of hearing how far behind the health care
industry is compared to other industries (e.g. manufacturing, banking,
finance, etc.) and thought this is the time to catch up (in reality or
perception on a global or specific basis)!

Any other good references so we can build a comprehensive bibliography, or
other additions to Gary's list above?


Best regards,
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