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Subject: Re: Overseas Tech Writing
From: Steve Read <sread -at- NIRVANA -dot- NOSUBDOMAIN -dot- NODOMAIN>
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 1994 07:51:24 GMT

In article <366puq$ss -at- newsbf01 -dot- news -dot- aol -dot- com>, mmb1 -at- aol -dot- com (MMB1) writes:
|> In article <3666jq$mhj -at- dcsun4 -dot- us -dot- oracle -dot- com>,
|> sread -at- nirvana -dot- NoSubdomain -dot- NoDomain (Steve Read) writes:
|> Random sort will do nicely! Mainly, I'm wondering how you deal with all
|> the work permit requirements, but any other details are appreciated.

I can only talk about the UK requirements, because that's all I know about.
The government require: that the employer not be able to find a UK or other
EU citizen to fill the job; that you have gained "substantial experience"
in your profession outside the UK; and that you be a generally cool and
groovy person (ax murderers need not apply). The employer must apply for
the work permit for you, and you have to have it in hand when you enter
the country.
|> I've worked overseas before (Germany, in an economic development office
|> sponsored by the Florida Dept. of Commerce, back in the mid-'80s). The

There's a fair bit of work in Germany at the moment, actually.

|> main hazards there were (1) currency fluctuation (I was paid in USD, and
|> the DM was falling steadily for most of the time I was there) and (2)
|> government bureaucracy on both sides of the Great Pond. But other than
|> that, it was fun, it greatly improved my German, and as a first job out of
|> college it couldn't be beat! (As an added bonus, the work I was considered
|> tax-exempt by both countries which helped to compensate for the currency
|> fluctuations, anyway.)

Hmm. I pay UK but not US taxes. How'd you manage that one?
|> I've been a tech writer for the last three years, and I like the work, the
|> area I'm living in, now etc. But I still have this little tick at the back
|> of my mind saying, "It's time to dust off my passport for another
|> adventure..." :)

I know the feeling. I'm starting to get itchy again. Anyone know anything
about South Africa? (Seriously.)
Steve Read

Oracle UK

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