Degree Required?

Subject: Degree Required?
From: Rick Lippincott <RJLIPPINCOTT -at- DELPHI -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 1994 21:54:21 -0400

It's almost a "ya can't win" situation, but my vote is to go ahead and apply
for those jobs even if your degree isn't a perfect match. There are several

First, if you're mailing out resumes, all that you've got to loose is a
stamp and a little bit of time.

Second, and most important, I don't think companies put as much weight on
any degree (perhaps -any- single qualification) as you would think. Here's
why. I was job hunting from September of '93 to this past April. I saw a
lot of those same type ads: "Degree required." Okay, so I've got a degree.
As a matter of fact, I've got a Master's in tech writing. So, in theory,
those companies that were calling for a degree should have done back flips
when my resume came in the mail, I should have gotten multiple job offers
by October of '93. It didn't happen that way. Although it helped to
attract attention, and I know of a couple of times it got me an interview,
it was writing skill that finally landed me a job.

So, be bold. Apply for the jobs anyway. The worst that can happen is that
they say no. (Well, actually, I suppose the worst that can happen is that
you later learn the ad was placed by a serial axe murderer, in an effort to
compile a list of future victems....but that's not probable.)(Well, not more
than once, anyway.)

Good luck on the interviews.

Rick Lippincott
rjlippincott -at- delphi -dot- com

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