Re[2]: What color suits interviews?

Subject: Re[2]: What color suits interviews?
From: Virginia Krenn <asdxvlk -at- OKWAY -dot- OKSTATE -dot- EDU>
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 1994 08:50:16 CDT

Notice that I said "might". I wouldn't deliberately disqualify anybody
for anything like that. But, sometimes there are subconscious feelings
about things that we see or hear.

As to the green scenery, I think that is where my dislike of green
came from. When I was a child, we drove forty miles every weekend to
visit my grandparents. My only memories of those trips are extreme
nausea from car sickness and not being able to see anything except
green trees. Since I still associate nausea and green, I have rejected
renting or buying houses with any green decor. During the avocado
appliance era, this was a problem.

I suspect that there are a lot of people prejudiced against my
favorite color, fuchsia.


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Author: Katharine M Schommer <scho0106 -at- gold -dot- tc -dot- umn -dot- edu> at SMTP

Virginia wrote:
> If I were doing the interviewing, it might. I have an intense aversion
> to the color green. Pure prejudice, I know!

Whew, I bet you have a tough time driving through forested areas and
residential neighborhoods where there are lawns! I guess I wouldn't want
to work for a person/company if the color of my clothes is perceived to be
a qualification. (I look TERRIBLE in gray, so I'd rather risk the position
than show up looking like I have a terminal illness.)

I would hope that most people at least have a "strike zone" rather than
hard-and-fast rules. Mine is clean, neat, conservative (meaning not too
tight, loose, cut up to here or down to there), and respectful (no
potentially offensive t-shirts).

Anyone want to push for legislation? "...race, color, religion, age, sex,
national origin ... or fashion sense."

Kate Schommer | Avogadro's Number = a mole
scho0106 -at- gold -dot- tc -dot- umn -dot- edu | Avocado's Number = a guacamole
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