Re: What color suits interviews?

Subject: Re: What color suits interviews?
From: Dan Benjamin <db3521 -at- PEGASUS -dot- CC -dot- UCF -dot- EDU>
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 1994 15:26:21 -0400

I, like the person who started this whole suit color thing, am a student
about to graduate with a degree in Technical Writing. Whenever I
interview, I base what I wear on several things, namely:

1. The style of the business or corporation
2. The "corporate level" or seriousness of the business
3. The amount of money I have to spend

Because I'm a student, I really can't afford to spend more than 59 cents
on anything except food or rent. Subsequently, I have only one suit and
one jacket. The suit is a double breasted toupe, and the jacket is a
double breasted navy with blue buttons (as opposed to the gold). When I
wear the jacket with khaki pants, I'm casual dressy, for more "down to
earth" or team-style work environments. When I wear the jacket with navy
pants, I'm suddenly wearing a suit.

As far as the toupe suit goes, it's professional and dressy but still

Unfortunately, I think that too many interviewers do judge based on
appearances, but you never know. I wore the navy suit to my last
interview only to discover that EVERYONE there dressed casually. I was
the only person with a tie in the entire building.

To the student with the olive suit: don't wear it to an interview unless
you're sure it's your BEST color. I doubt that anyone would hesitate to
hire you based on the color of your suit, but by wearing a blue or grey
suit, your demonstrating your desire/willingness to "play by their rules"
so to speak.

Just a thought.....

| Dan Benjamin db3521 -at- pegasus -dot- cc -dot- ucf -dot- edu |
| "To me style is just the outside of content, and content the inside |
| of style, like the outside and inside of the human body -- both go |
| together, they can't be separated." |
| -- Jean-Luc Godard |

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