Guide vs. Manual (summary)

Subject: Guide vs. Manual (summary)
From: Mark Levinson <mark -at- SD -dot- CO -dot- IL>
Date: Thu, 6 Oct 1994 11:16:25 IST

Thanks to all who responded to my request for lightning responses on
"User's Guide" vs. "User's Manual."

"Guide" had the majority by 6 to 1, and there was 1 "doesn't matter"
and 1 "they mean different things, so use the appropriate one." Most
who responded felt "Guide" was more helpful-sounding, less unnerving.

David Bergart wrote:
I'd say that a guide tells people how to do something, whereas the scope of
a manual can extend to specifying how they MUST do that something, and to
providing extensive data---overlapping the province of a handbook.

Sherri Hall's unnamed peer favored "manual" because "it's the word
people say."

Apologies in advance to anyone whose wisdom is not represented here
because it didn't arrive on time. As a matter of fact, my company's
decision on which term to use has been postponed because one of the
folks involved is on sick leave, so late responses will actually
not be wasted...
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