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Subject: Re: Multiple Audience
From: Elaine Winters <ewinters -at- NETCOM -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 7 Oct 1994 17:47:18 -0700

Find a common denominator and work from there.

Example: The interface on Macintosh computers will
satisfy 80% of the population, of the world.

Some people are so sophisticated that the simplicity of the
intrface irritates them; some are confused by all the 'stuff'
on the screen.

By and large *most* people, when looking at the standard
Macintosh interface, can 'intuit' what to do. This works
in every country where you'll find a Macintosh computer,
regardless of the languge. 80% is not an easy percentage
to accomplish; and clearly, not impossible.

Reality is only an opinion; your special reality is
is formed in the cultural environment inwhich you were
born, raised, and spend most of your life.

Add that to the constant change we all experience every day.

Your reality cannot match someone else's. Find commonalty
and work from there.

Best. Elaine

E. Winters: Principal Program Facilitating and Consulting
Berkeley, CA, USA 510-843-0909 ewinters -at- netcom -dot- com

On Fri, 7 Oct 1994, J.D.Benson wrote:

> List Members:

> I need your collective help. I am a graduate student in STC at the Univ. of M
> and I am currently taking a course in audience analysis. On Monday Oct10 I am
> giving a workshop to my class on the problems associated with writing
> effectively for several audiences at once. The basis for our discussion center

> on a paper by Holland, from _Solving Problems in Technical
> Writing_. Perhaps some af you are familiar with it? In this paper, Holland,
> offer solutions to the multiple audience problem via case examples. Wh
> I am looking for from you are possible writing situations/scenarios which take
> multiple audience into account. Also your suggestions of reference material
> that I might give to the class would be very helpful. Finially, I would be
> greatful if you could share any of your personal acecdotes/experiences with th
> problem, with the understanding that I would share them with the class.

> For examlpe, after reading the Holland, piece I have come up with a
> question for the class. Namely, given the way Holland describes the manner
> audiences differ, can all documents, discussions, etc, be considered
> multi-audience, even those documents just read by yourself? The idea is that
> even in a document written just for yourself, you may go back to it several
> time, each time with different reading goals, thereby making it a multi-audien
> document.

> Do you have an insights as to how I could use these ideas as a basis for a
> sucessful, interesting and hopefully fun workshop on Monday.

> Thanks again for your time,

> Jon B.

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