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Subject: Re[3]: Signature
From: "Virginia L. Krenn" <asdxvlk -at- OKWAY -dot- OKSTATE -dot- EDU>
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 1994 17:55:28 -0500

I hadn't gotten into this speculative thread before because I was
concerned that the fourth adjective was a slang word for homosexual
and I didn't want to have to make references to, in my opinion, an
unacceptable slang word. Apologies to Aahz if I'm wrong.

Anyway, I had taken his signature to read, "unisexual (asexual?),
unusual, ordinary, homosexual, heterosexual".

And, from this, I thought that he was just referring to the
dichotomies that exist in lives and personalities.


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Author: doug montalbano <doug_montalbano -at- CC -dot- CHIRON -dot- COM> at SMTP
Nora Merhar said:
> Ominous silence from Aahz.
--in reply to Mark Walker who, on 17 Oct, wrote:
> Aahz --
> For the benefit of the curious among us, could you please explain > your
signature? I understand each of the individual words (except > "het" -- what
does that mean?), but I cannot for the life of me
> figure out what they mean when strung together as you have them. And > what
in the world is rule 6? For that matter, what are rules 1
> through 5?

As Karen Kay points out,
>Not so ominous. He reads via netnews, which at Netcom is way behind
>these days.

And I might point out that Aahz' own sig postulates that
the best way to get Internet info is
to post the wrong info instead of asking a question.
I suggest we try that and see what happens.

Mark (& others), I speculate that the word "het" is short for
"heterosexual", which, in combination with "kinky", etc., is
Aahz' own statement about who he is. It is a proud statement,
if I read the tone correctly, and, in conjunction with "I break
all the rules", one that stresses his individuality (big assumption
as to gender here, but I don't mind being wrong).

Now we wait for the corrections (giggle giggle).

Okay, back to work!

Doug_Montalbano -at- cc -dot- chiron -dot- com (on a late lunch break)

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