Course on Creating Structured Documents

Subject: Course on Creating Structured Documents
From: Janice Czyscon <Czyscon -at- EPD -dot- ENGR -dot- WISC -dot- EDU>
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 1994 11:38:32 CST

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University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department of Engineering Professional Development

Announces a Course on

Creating Structured Documents
February 27-28, 1995

Learn How to Produce Portable, Flexible, and Consistent Documents

A structured document is one that conforms to a rigorously-defined standard
document type. The parts of the document and the relationships between them
are the key elements of the definition. Structured documents separate
content and format. Authors concentrate on developing content, and only
later are formatting or desktop publishing decisions applied. This
separation often represents a new work process for many who are accustomed
to a WYSIWYG world. The underlying technology of structured documents is the
Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML, ISO 8879) and the growing suite
of SGML-compatible software tools.

Key Course Objectives

o Understand where structured documents can lower costs and offer the best
approach to producing multiple outputs from a single text base
o Understand the process of document analysis, and how to apply it to your
information assets
o Learn how to migrate document production from your current environment to
a structured document environment
o Learn how to apply SGML and its toolset to produce flexible, reusable

Who Will Benefit From This Course

This course is designed primarily for publications staffs in organizations
that produce manuals, catalogs, books, and online documentation. Plan to
attend this course if you are a
o Writer, editor, production staff member, or publishing manager who is
involved in document preparation
o Programmer, analyst, or developer who needs to integrate structured
documentation into a product or service
o Manager who needs an end-to-end view of the structured document process
o Manager who must evaluate SGML and the structured document environment for
your organization.

More Information Available Via e-mail

To receive a complete course brochure that includes a more detailed course
description, course outline, and instructor bios via e-mail, send a note via
e-mail to Janice Czyscon at

czyscon -at- engr -dot- wisc -dot- edu

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