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The First International Conference on
Communication and the Future:
The Role of Communication and Translation in
Technology Transfer
May 15-17, 1995
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa, Israel
Dear Colleagues,

It is a pleasure to invite you to Haifa in May to take
part in the first International Conference on Communication
and the Future, organized by the Department of General
Studies at the Technion.

This conference is the first international meeting in
Israel on the subject of technological-scientific
communication and translation and their role in transferring
new technologies and scientific discoveries across national
boundaries and between markets. These fields have been
developing rapidly in the last decade all over the world, a
sign of an increasingly intimate global village and of a
growing awareness of the important role of communication in
technological progress. The recent political developments in
our region present special challenges and new opportunities
for disseminating discoveries, opening new avenues for
economic and scientific collaboration, and sharing Israeli
science with the world.

The goal of the conference is to raise public awareness of
the crucial role of technical writing, scientific
communication, and translation between Hebrew and other
languages in the economic development of Israel and the
Middle East generally. The conference will also address
specific ways of improving the efficiency of documentation,
translation, and other communications problems in
corporations, laboratories, and government agencies.
Technical writers, translators, scholars, and experts in
linguistics from industry and academia will share their
expertise in these areas. The conference will sponsor panel
talks, oral sessions, symposia and featured lectures as well
as banquet meals and receptions.

We hope to welcome you among the participants.


Prof. David Porush Prof. Judith Rosenhouse
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Technion, Israel
Troy, NY 12180 USA Institute of Technology
Haifa 32000 ISRAEL


Please let your peers and other interested parties know about
the conference by copying or posting this announcement and
the accompanying Call for Papers. If you need any more
brochures, please contact the Congress Secretariat.


The First International Conference on
Communication and the Future:
The Role of Communication and Translation in
Technology Transfer
May 15-17, 1995
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa, Israel

We seek abstracts of papers in English of 200-500 words.
Authors' names, affiliations, and addresses must be clearly
indicated. ABSTRACTS DUE: 1 January 1995. Abstracts that have
been accepted will appear in the conference abstracts volume.
Sessions may be in English, or in Hebrew using visual aids in

Subjects may include any aspect of technical or scientific
documentation, communication, or translation, especially
related to but not limited to any of the following topics:
o The Role of Translation and Communication in Technology
o State of the Art Techniques in Technical Writing
o The Challenges of Translating Technical Information Across
Cultures and Between Languages
o Technical Writing in Developing Countries
o The Role of Documentation in New Product Development and
o New Media and Multi-Media in Technical Documentation
o Communication among Disciplines in Technical Ventures
o The Role of Translation in Multinational Corporate
o Technological Development and Translation
o Political, Social, Cultural, Cognitive, and/or Economic
Issues in Technical Communication
o From Academia to Corporation to the International Market

Address abstracts to either of the Conference

Prof. David Porush Prof. Judith Rosenhouse
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Technion
Troy, NY 12180 USA Haifa 32000 ISRAEL
porusd -at- rpi -dot- edu GSRJUDY -at- technion -dot- edu
FAX: (*USA) 518-276-4871 FAX: (*ISRAEL) -972-4-327-399


The Technion is one of the foremost technological research
universities in the world. Haifa is located on the
spectacular and lush Carmel Mountain range overlooking the
Mediterranean. A cosmopolitan city of flowers and music, it
offers sophisticated shopping, night life, cinema, and
international cuisine. Haifa is known for its easy relations
among diverse cultural populations, including Moslem and
Christian Arabs, Jews of all denominations. It is the world
center of the Bahjai faith, with its famous gold-domed temple
and spectacular terraced gardens. Haifa also gives the
visitor easy access to many archeological splendors and other
Israeli attractions. These include the Galilee and the Sea of
Galilee (Kinneret), the Golan Heights, the ancient cities of
Nazareth, Akko (Acre), Caesaria and Megiddo; the Carmel
forest Preserve, Druze villages, numerous beautiful beaches,
and diverse kibbutzim. It is only an hour by car or bus from
Tel Aviv and two and a half hours from Jerusalem, with buses
leaving every fifteen minutes or half hour. Haifa is also the
industrial center of Israel, home to many high-tech
industries such as Intel, IBM Research and Development
Center, Elbit, and Elscint among many others.


Please indicate in the registration form whether you need a
hotel accommodation. A list of hotels at reasonable prices
will be offered in the final circular and a number of
Technion dormitories will also be available.


Technical equipment, multi-media systems, and books will be
exhibited as part of the conference. If you wish to
demonstrate or place material on display at the conference,
please describe those materials in a separate letter to
either of the Conference Directors by 1 March 1995.


For early registration, please send the enclosed form with a
cheque by 1 March 1995 to either of the Conference Directors.
Fees include admission to all scientific sessions and the
exhibitions; conference proceedings material, and two formal
Early Registration Fees: Participants $170
Students $80

Registration desks will be open on-site on the opening day
and will continue to serve participants until the end of the

On-Site Registration Fees (in NIS equivalent):
Participants $190 Students $90


Two receptions are planned and tourist information regarding
Haifa and surrounding areas will be available. Details will
be given in the final circular.


NAME: _____________________________________

Title/Affiliation: ____________________________

Address: ___________________________________

e-mail: ____________________________________

phone: _____________________________________

Fax: _______________________________________

Title of Paper:_______________________________

Language of Paper: __________________________

Audio-Visual Aids Needed:______________________

Hotel Accommodations? Yes No # of people

Student Dormitories? Yes No # of people

Registration Fee: $___________ enclosed

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