Re: Built-in to vs. built in to

Subject: Re: Built-in to vs. built in to
From: "Yves C. Munger, p.eng., M.Sc." <yvesm -at- QUEBEC -dot- BERCLAIN -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 1994 08:42:19 EST

Valerie, concerning this:

>I feel fine writing "Macintoshes with built-in Ethernet require a
>transceiver...." but what about "LocalTalk is built in to every Macintosh

Obviously, what you mean is "built into", which should solve your little
conundrum. To me, and I always speak more as a reader than write, "built-in"
refers more to hardware than software (I'll bet this will start a new
discussion... :-|).

BTW, you have a French extraction name (Archambeau); do you or your parents
speak this language? Please answer directly to me (see below) ;-))

Note to all TECHWR-L:

I joined this list last week, my first true contact to the Internet, and
frankly, although technical documentation comes under the responsibility of my
group and I feel I should have a keen interest in keeping good communication
channels with the TW community, I am reconsidering my subscription.

My email gets cluttered everyday with dozens of messages from this list, of
which many are part of very interesting and helpful discussions, but I would
venture to say that 75% of messages have little relation to the field of TW
(e.g. Mom thread and others).

It is starting to take me too much time to sift through the TECHWR-L mail to
find useful info and the idea of only receiving a digest is even worst. The
balance between the usefulness of info on the list and the time lost in clutter

is slowly but surely tilting towards the latter...

(Ouff! I feel better! Understand we just had our fisrt snowfall in Quebec City

last night)

+ Yves C. Munger, p.eng., M.Sc.
+ Product Management Group
+ yvesm -at- quebec -dot- berclain -dot- com

+ "Et tu, computer?"

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