Re: Book Master Information Wanted

Subject: Re: Book Master Information Wanted
From: Gabe Goldberg <gabe -at- CPCUG -dot- DIGEX -dot- NET>
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 1994 23:14:50 GMT

Stewart_Freed -at- babylon -dot- montreal -dot- qc -dot- ca wrote:

: I am looking for information on Book Master. I believe it is an
: SGML authoring tool from IBM.

BookMaster ("Bookie" to its friends) is a markup language (not SGML but
similar in concept) which runs on top of the IBM product DCF (Document
Composition Facility). It's as opposite to WYSIWYG as is possible,
requires imagination to visualize how text being tagged will look. It's
*very* flexible; you can use supplied tag sets or design/code your own.
I've used it for everything from one page letters to 700 page McGraw-Hill
books (with custom tags coded by my collaborator). It's definitely
good/bad news: it's powerful if you want to do what *it* wants to do in
the way it wants to do it. It's confining if you want to tweak a document
just a *little*.

And last, it's an IBM mainframe product -- runs on System/390 architecture
systems under IBM operating systems like VM and MVS. There's a
semi-compatible IBM PC facility called Markup. And since there's a
Personal/370 card that runs System/370 programs on PCs, Bookie is
available on PCs. I like S/390 and VM systems (in addition to PCs)
so have been productive with Bookie. Your outlook and mileage may vary.
Feel free to ask for more details, pointers to info, etc.
What's behind your question?

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