Re: Word use: Express/ed (You have no idea what you're talking about)

Subject: Re: Word use: Express/ed (You have no idea what you're talking about)
From: "Sandy, Corinne" <CHS8 -at- CPSOD1 -dot- EM -dot- CDC -dot- GOV>
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 1994 15:40:00 EST

Bill. You are the individual who is wrong. You know the old saying
there's nothing more dangerous than a man who thinks he knows. "Express"
is a specific legal term. Look it up in Black's Dictionary. The term comes
up constantly in contractual cases when issues of ambiguity arise. I know
this is not a legal forum but when a contract's "four corners" (meaning the
express (note no "ed") written word) creates ambiguity, then the courts go
for implied meaning.

Your opinions should be categorized as such unless you have facts which you
can cite references to (and you can use "to" at the end of the sentence, if
there's no alternative concise way to word it). Maybe you better check into
the liability insurance for writers that is a hot topic on the net.
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Subject: Re: Word use: Express/ed (Absurd
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Subject: Re: Word use: Express/ed (Absurd
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Arlen writes:
>(BTW, in case you haven't guessed, I think the word is "express" rather
>"expresed," and that...

Arlen, you're wrong. Look at the original sentence again! The statement
that you (or anyone else) may not copy it unless you have the written
or the (author). If you (or anyone else) are copying it(thus you have
RECEIVED permission from the author prior to your using it), you have
the EXPRESSED written consent of the author.

The emphasis here is WHEN exactly you received the consent of the author.
may use it IF you have the expressED permission (the expressing was done in
the past because you are using it now).

If you look again, Arlen, you'll see that the official legal statement is
gramatically correct, based on when the consent is given by the author.

As you remember, Arlen, we use the past tense (like -ED at the and of words)
to express things that happened in the past. (No pun intended).

Look again,
Bill Hartzer (william -dot- hartzer -at- emc2-tao -dot- fisc -dot- com)

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