Re: two-word verbs vs. prepositions

Subject: Re: two-word verbs vs. prepositions
From: Ray Bruman <rbruman -at- RND -dot- RAYNET -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 1994 11:10:09 PST

> I pointed out that, yes, "on" is a preposition, but here I'm using "turned
> on" as a "two-word verb."

> I came across this term through teaching ESL (a great hobby if you're an
> armchair linguist!), and I was hoping that some of the English types on the
> list might mention it.

> Other examples of two-word verbs are "pick up," "put down," log in," and,
> well, you get the idea. So the next time someone gets on your case about
> "participles," whip out the ol' two-word verb explanation. --debbie

"Lesson Three. Come On, Put On, Put Down, Come Down, Bring Down.

These phrases, which sound very similar, have very different
meanings in the Hip language. If you use them incorrectly,
you can cause a lot of confusion. Let's ask our instructor,
Mr. Geets Romo, to give us examples of these phrases in use."

-- How to Speak Hip
a language-instruction recording to help you
communicate with hipsters, beatniks, juvenile
delinquents, and the criminal fringe

Ray Bruman In this establishment,
Raynet Corp. we DO NOT DISCUSS
rbruman -at- raynet -dot- com race, religion, politics,
415-688-2325 or nutrition.

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