Subject: email
From: Gwen Gall <ggall -at- CA -dot- ORACLE -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 1994 14:06:39 EST

Hi list:

In the discussion on email, I thought I'd borrow "The New Hacker's Dictionary"
from my nearest hacker, and check it out there.

The entry is under "email" (no hyphen) followed by "(also written e-mail")....

In an interesting addendum:

"Oddly enough, the worde emailed is actually listed in the OED; it means
'embossed (with a raised pattern) or arranged in a net work'. A use from 1480
is given. The word is derived from French emmailleure, network."


In the following entry, under "emoticon", there is this warning:

"Note for the newbie: Overuse of the smiley is a mark of loserhood! More than
one per paragraph is a fairly sure sign that you've gone over the line."

Merry xmas, and may your Christmas emails arrive at their intended
destinations in time :-)

Gwen (ggall -at- ca -dot- oracle -dot- com)

P.S. To Eric: There's also an "Eric Conspiracy" definition you should check
out. Mail me privately if you want me to send it to you. A mustache appears to
be derriguer (sp?) to join, tho'. Got one?

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