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Hi gwen, this is from my account at Carleton if you don't recognize the name,


I guess its about time to post this FAQ again. Hopefully I have been
keeping up with mailing this to individuals who request it directly, but
I also try to post this to the group periodically.

This FAQ has some great links for locating clip art.
Be sure and look at my slightly improved home page for more links to clip
art and DTP resources. (http://www.cs.umd.edu/users/eron)

Happy Clipping.


List of Where to Find Clip Art
Frequently Asked Questions

Please send additions (there will be many--I hope) to eron -at- cs -dot- umd -dot- edu -dot-

World Wide Web
The author of this document's homepage. Some worthwhile links including
ones to the Smithsonian and an archive of alt.binaries.clipart

Sanda Loosemore has done an excellent job of bringing together plenty of
clipart links. This is a great page, check it out.

Gopher cs4sun.cs.ttu.edu - Art & Images Directory (Lots of Agricultural

pasture.ecn.purdue.edu /pub/almanac/clipart
Contains clips from the gopher site above.

ccu1.auckland.ac.nz /architec/Textures
Various architecture related clip art.

Sunsite.unc.edu /pub/academic/medicine/mac-medical/art
Clip art and human body anatomy.

sumex-aim.stanford.edu /info-mac/grf directory.
Many Mac pict/tiff clip art
collections including: sunshine-sampler-clipart.hqx,
leonards-clipart-a-n-tiff.hqx, graphics-sampler-clipart,
beer clip art, some Eshers and more...
(These are binhexed and compressed files)

wuarchive.wustl.edu /mirrors/systems/msdos/msdos/deskpub
artmart1.zip (there are 4), clipeze1.zip, clipit1.zip,
paztiff1.zip(5 of these)...In pcc (same as pcx) & tiff

ftp.fct.unl.pt /pub/eps
This site in Portugual is noted to have 5meg of EPS

photo1.si.edu /images
This site belongs to the Smithsonian Institution.
Although it doesn't contain clip are per se, it
does contain lots of interesting and useful gif files
for interesting publications.

wuarchive.wustl.edu /archive/multimedia/images/gif
Plenty of gif files to suit your fancy.


1) How do I make use of a clip posted to alt-binaries.clip-art?

Most of the art posted to alt.binaries.clip-art is UUENCODED. Before you
can make use of a uuencoded post, you must first save it to a file,
strip off the headers (all the the lines up to the one that starts with
BEGIN) using an editor and save the file. Hopefully your system will
already have the UUDECODE utility installed. Type "uudecode <filename>"
to convert the file back to its original binary format. Now you may
transfer it back to your local system using your favorite protocol.

2) How do I convert .gif files to another format?

There are many programs available for the Macintosh, MSDOS and other
platforms, both commecial and shareware. Look in the graphics directory
of your favorite FTP site for such a program.

For the Macintosh, my favorite is called Graphics Converter.
It is available for ftp on inform.umd.edu in the
/software/Macintosh/Utilities directory as graphic-converter-177us.cpt,
it is a very nice peice of software.

For the IBM, Image Alchemy is nice.

3) Is there more information about desktop publishing available on the

YES! Try out the links on Geoffrey Peter's home page:
http://www.cs.purdue.edu/people/gwp. This doc is chock full of great
links regarding desktop publishing and clip art. Geof has done a terrific
job with this Web page.

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