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Subject: Re: alot
From: Gwen Gall <ggall -at- CA -dot- ORACLE -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 1994 09:44:38 EST

In-Reply-To: CNSEQ1:TECHWR-L -at- VM1 -dot- ucc -dot- okstate -dot- edu's message of 12-13-94 15:55

I too have been lambasted of late for using "alot" on this list. Due to
problemns mailing out (which I hope have been solved) I have not been able to
respond. I do so now:

"Alot" should be considered a perfectly acceptable shorthand for fast email
notes. Any technical writer on this list who is too uneducated not to know
_not_ to use it in technical writing, should look into changing careers. Anyone
who feels an urge to flame people for using it in email should seriously
consider purchasing the T-shirt with the "Does anal retentive have a hyphen?"
on it.

And, in response to the question from a newbie about flaming on the list--yes,
there have been a few angry shots from certain individuals lately. I think it
happens on every list (any given group of people is going to have a range of
personality types) but this by no means condones it.

I was especially disconcerted to find myself the target of a _public_ flame
recently (I had assumed it had been sent to me privately). You know who you
are. And I thank Ken in Alberta publicly for _privately_ coming to the defense
of my Canadian spelling. (Who needs a white knight when you can have a cowboy?)

My 2 cents (Canadian), sent with a little steam, but no fire,

Gwen (ggall -at- ca -dot- oracle -dot- com)

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