Re: That and Which--is it worth it?

Subject: Re: That and Which--is it worth it?
From: Barb Miller <millerb -at- TCPLINK -dot- NREL -dot- GOV>
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 1994 07:48:52 MST

I make the distinction and so do most of my coworkers (it's in our
style guide). But it brings up an interesting point.

If most of our readers don't know the distinction (or care), should we
be so strict in applying grammar rules? I know, I know; we are
guardians of the language; but with the evolution of the language
(discussed previously) is it a crime?

I run into the problem more with punctuation issues. There are times
when you don't introduce a list with a colon and times when you do
(see Chicago Manual of Style and Words into Type). When I follow these
rules, my reviewers think I'm being inconsistent and add the colons.
Also when I choose to use an en dash to separate numbers in some cases
and the word "to" in others, following style guidelines, I get dinged
for being inconsistent.

Should I, and the others who know the rules, follow them when others
aren't familiar with them and the audience may not be aware of them?

Just throwing it out for discussion.

Barb Miller
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
millerb -at- tcplink -dot- nrel -dot- gov

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Subject: That and Which--is it worth it?
Author: Gail DeCamp <decampg -at- SMTPLINK -dot- NGC -dot- COM> at smtp
Date: 12/16/94 1:56 AM

I have a that/which question. I've had reputable sources tell me that
there are distinct rules for using "that" and "which"....namely, that
one is restrictive and the other is not.


Does anyone else out there follow this rule? It seems pretty subtle to
me. (If it changed the meaning of a sentence, I might worry about it,
but otherwise I would not.)

Gail DeCamp
Network General Corporation

(these are MY opinions! Mine, all mine!)

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