Re: Mosaic as an online documentation viewing engine?

Subject: Re: Mosaic as an online documentation viewing engine?
From: Glenn Forbes Larratt <glratt -at- IS -dot- RICE -dot- EDU>
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 1994 11:29:51 -0600

(N.B. I am actually a computer support professional (read: paid geek), so
I have, at the same time, a little better view of the technical details,
and not much idea at all of technical writing. I offer this as a dis-
claimer, and proceed: )

One of my supported departments at Rice University, the School
of Continuing Studies, is in the midst of bringing an HTML'd copy of
their Winter 1995 catalog online, in parallel with the printed one.
Although no real information is publicly available just yet, there is
a sample which I prepared for them available at:

if you'd care to browse.

Another point of order: NCSA Mosaic (available by anonymous ftp
to is one contender, for users in Microsoft Windows/Mac/
X-Windows environments; another (and more recent, and, in my humble opinion,
better contender is Mosaic Netscape (for the same platforms, and available
by anonymous ftp to Both programs are freeware at this

> On Fri, 16 Dec 1994 09:37:35 EST, Steve Jong wrote:
> <prelude deleted>
> > The recent dramatic growth of the Internet community and World-Wide Web
> > brings us another contender: Mosaic, the freeware Web browsing tool.
> > I've heard some suggestions that Mosaic is a good choice for online
> > document viewing. The idea is to write product documentation in (or
> > filter it into) HTML and then use Mosaic for display.
> >
> > Does anyone have experience with this delivery method? Is it a sound idea?
> > Might it in fact be the future of user information?

> Actually, I have been involved in setting up our Web server
> (amusingly called "Club Web," which we then promptly had
> service-marked). I have converted lots of stuff I wrote to that
> dratted HTML format (manually, by the way) including press releases,
> product brochures, company backgrounder and newsletters. In addition,
> we have sections set up for FAQs (frequently asked questions), order
> forms that can be downloaded to order demos and products, and other
> info.

> Our "home page" is still being designed. The most difficult part I
> had was converting some pretty intense graphics done on the Mac into
> GIF format.

> If you have any questions, or want to check us out, please email me
> directly.

> Happy holidays, all!
> ...sue

Glenn Forbes Larratt x5474 LAN Specialist, Rice U, Systems & LAN Management
The Lab Ratt (not briggs :-) "Get over it!" -the Eagles, Hell Freezes Over '94
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