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Subject: a job as editor -Reply
From: Lisa Baker <LISAB -at- WORDPERFECT -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 1994 11:06:45 -0700

We have a position called Technical Editor here that is equivelant to the pay
and prestige of
writer--although it wasn't equivalent when the position was introduced into the
The documentation managers do the hiring, but typically the editor and lead
writer work
together on the project to keep it moving with the editor's job emphasizing more
of the
project management, editing, and coordinating with non-technical groups such as
production and marketing, and in getting the material tested. The lead writer's
emphasizes coordinating the work with development and product changes. In the
world, the editors are moving toward a more technical job as some of them have
taken on
the role of not only editing the online materials, but maintaining the database
that keeps
track of the links and bringing all the pieces together from individual writers
for compiling
into the finished help file.
The role has continued to move from "editing text" to a much more proactive
and technical
position. With the recent changes in our organization so that we now report to
the same
management line as development individual business units and with a reduced work
force, I am sure the role will continue in its evolution. I'm just not sure
what it will finally
look like.
I have noticed that our editors are hired into other parts of the company
more frequently
than our writers are. I think it's primarily because of their project
management expertise
and their ability to make several small pieces fit into a cohesive whole. Most
have gone to
marketing, but some have gone into corporate communications and development.
I don't think the corporate model quite fits with the journalism or
publishing model where
the editor typically has superior expertise to the writers. But it seems to
vary with the
Hope this helps.
Lisa Baker lisab -at- wordperfect -dot- com
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>>> Sherri Hall <shall -at- HILCO -dot- COM> 12/13/94 02:19pm >>>
Hello. In several recent salary surveys and other threads (from this list and
others), I've
picked up that some "writing/editing" jobs are treated as two distinct positions
where the
former is a lower level, lower paying job.
I've been a technical communicator for 10 years (minus a few months) where
I've worked for both a HUGE corp. and a tiny engineering house.
I, along with my peers, have always done it ALL--no distinctions.
Pay increases are tied to tenure since there's no distinction in levels. And
special work
gets compensated with bonuses.

All of this leads me to a few questions:
(1) What kinds of situations (or companies) hire/promote editors to edit
writers? Does it
differ by region? size of company? industry/business?

(2) Are there any jobs an editor handles that someone like myself who does it
(research, write, edit, product management, production, etc.) doesn't handle?

Someday I'd like to advance to an editor position (if that's really the way to
get more
prestige (read $$) if there are companies really hiring such a person. (NOTE:
talking about being promoted to a person that manages other writers.
I AM talking about someone being promoted to edit as a specialty.)

Thanks, in advance, for replies.
Sherri Hall, Product Manager-Documentation Email: shall -at- hilco -dot- com
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