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Subject: Re: click on, select, choose -Reply
From: Lisa Baker <LISAB -at- WORDPERFECT -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 1994 11:34:06 -0700

BTW, what exactly are the specialized meanings of "select" and "choose"?
I don't see why their original meanings wouldn't be sufficient. "Click", of
course, is
computer jargon, pure and simple, which is another reason to prefer "select".

Our corporate style guide differentiates select and choose. When you "select"
you make a selection that you can then confirm, usually by choosing OK in the
dialog box
(e.g. marking a check box or a radio button). When you "select" something the
doesn't immediately change. When you "choose" something the action immediately
happens (e.g. the font turns bold or the dialog box closes).

I recall we examined both the IBM SAA guide and the Windows style guide and had
discussions about this, but I don't recall exactly how we came to this
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