Re: Our Windowmacher, right or wrong

Subject: Re: Our Windowmacher, right or wrong
From: Sue Heim <SUE -at- RIS -dot- RISINC -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 1994 11:23:18 PST

Mark L. (not for Lawyer) Levinson added:

> ** If your product is compatible with Microsoft's, I doubt that Microsoft
> can prevent you from telling the truth. They can, of course, prevent
> you from reproducing a graphical trademark that means Microsoft itself
> confirms the compatibility.

> And while the R mark after Microsoft means that Microsoft is a registered
> trademark, the TM sign after Windows means only that Microsoft Corporation
> unilaterally claims Windows as trademark. Microsoft actually tried and
> failed to register Windows as a trademark, though I believe they haven't
> given up their attempts to get the word protected.

> Nonetheless, Microsoft's commercial clout extends far beyond its
> minimal legal rights, and if you enjoy any form of cooperation with
> Microsoft you would naturally want to keep them happy...

Which is precisely why we try to conform... we do need to be on their
"good side" in order to participate in their beta test program of
Windows 95 (our developments efforts are trying to coincide with
theirs -- a Windows 95 release from them, a Windows 95 compatible
product from us), as well as maintaining compatibility with various
versions of their word processors.


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