Simple indexing program

Subject: Simple indexing program
From: QMS Account <Robert -dot- Morrisette -at- EBAY -dot- SUN -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 1994 15:39:47 +0800


I am looking for a simple indexing software package for my father and
stepmother. They are retired music professors who continue to teach
youngsters how to play the harp, clarinet, and piano.

They have a large library of music that they want to index for easy
access. They would like to index each piece by composer, title, type
of music, instruments, complexity, where located, and maybe a couple
of other factors. That way they could punch up, say, all the music
they have by Bach, or all Bach sonatas, or maybe a list of all
clarinet pieces for beginners. You get the idea.

This program should be simple and easy to learn. Both of them are in
their 70s and both are virtually computer illiterate. Also, they live
in rural Florida, so they won't be able to pop down the street for
advice. (They may call me or my younger brother for advice, but I'm
in California and he's in Texas. Also, I obviously don't know much
about indexing packages.)

They are thinking of getting a new PowerPC, or maybe an older Mac, so
it will have to run on that. They will also be running composing
programs and other music-related stuff, and we've all heard that Macs
are better for that.



dprice -at- computer -dot- org
From ??? -at- ??? Sun Jan 00 00:00:00 0000
I think you are looking for a database rather than an indexing program.
FileMaker, available on Mac or PC, is a good database for this purpose.
I don't believe that Macs are any better than PC's for this application,
they will certainly cost more. You definitely do not need a PowerPC.
You can buy a 486-66 8/540 PC clone for about $1200. I think that is the
best buy. I use a database called Professional File, from Software
Publishing. It is very easy to use. It is not in production, but I've
seen it at swap shows for about $30. Either product is recommended.

Bob Morrisette
Robert -dot- Morrisette -at- EBay -dot- Sun -dot- COM

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