How we read

Subject: How we read
From: "Robert H. Bohle" <rbohle -at- CABELL -dot- VCU -dot- EDU>
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 1994 15:10:18 EST

I am new to the list, and I should probably lurk longer before I dive
in, but . . . .

The discussion on reading and on-paper vs. on-screen ties right in to
an article I am preparing for DESIGN magazine, the journal of the
Society of Newspaper Design. The focus of the next issue will be on
typography. My contribution has to do with how we see words, how we
read, and what type manipulations affect efficient reading. My
research has taken me into some unbelievably dense academic writing,
but I hope to translate it into something newspaper professionals can

When I wade through it a bit more and get past my Jan. 1. deadline, I
will summarize the findings for this group. One interesting thought
that has occurred to me is that my computer screen is often littered
with other open windows, icons, trash can (can you tell I am on a
Mac?) and so on. When we read we are not only processing the word we
are on at any particular saccade, but the word coming up next
(parafoveal word for the researchers, the on-deck word for me . . .).
Could it be that we are more distracted during on-screen reading by
outside items? The fact that we are no doubt farther from the monitor
than the typical reading distance of 18 inches may be a factor.

Anyway, Happy Holidays, and I will get back later with further
thoughts on type and reading.

Bob Bohle
netdzine -at- richmond -dot- infi -dot- net
rbohle -at- cabell -dot- vcu -dot- edu

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