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Date: Sun, 25 Dec 1994 09:31:58 -0600

A colleague of mine has pointed out that the size and shape of typical computer
monitors markedly reduces their effectiveness for writing. He has a black and
white full-page monitor, and has had to struggle to get the manufacturer
(Samsung) to support their three-year-old product with video drivers for
Windows and a Compaq 486. But it has been worthwhile, for the very reasons
Rosie (Sitze? -- sorry if that's wrong) has recently laid out, regarding being
able to see the whole, or at least larger parts of it.

I didn't think the full-page size would be that much better than my
equally-wide-but-short 12" monitor -- until I actually worked with it for a
while. The PC industry has really saddled us writers with these funky,
flattened monitors. If full-page had been the standard from the beginning, and
someone had come along and said, "Hey, I've got an idea: let's make computer
monitors that are shorter than they are wide and sell 'em to writers at a
discount," he'd have been laughed out of town.

--Gregg -dot- Roberts -at- Tpoint -dot- com

Note: My netmailer is doing funky things right now with incoming email
addresses; be careful if you send me a reply, since the system might be doing
similar things to my outgoing "From:" address.

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