Safety & Manuals

Subject: Safety & Manuals
From: Carma C Allen <ccallen -at- CCGATE -dot- DP -dot- BECKMAN -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 1995 17:20:59 -0800

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Besides the problem of customer safety (and/or litigation), there=
are quite=20
stringent requirements concerning safety information for equipment=
certification (UL, CSA, CE Mark), especially if the product is sold i=
n European=20
Community countries.

Our company is self-certified, which means that our in-house peop=
le in the=20
product certification department are even more nit-picky that the cer=
agencies would be (this is so we can keep our self-certification char=
Therefore, we have had **many, many** discussions with them about the=
notification issue.

We ship a multi-language safety booklet with every instrument, al=
ong with=20
the standard user documents. This booklet covers generic warnings abo=
ut any=20
conceivable (and a few inconconceivable) actions to take or avoid to =
operating safety. The instrument manual contains model-specific warni=
ngs and=20
cautions=C4=C4and we believe in erring on the side of caution.

Anyway, these are the definitions of Warnings, Cautions, and Note=
s that=20
have been approved by the various agencies, as filtered through our p=
certification department:

NOTE: Used to call attention to information that should be foll=
during installation, use, and/or servicing of the equipment.

(! in a triangle icon) CAUTION: Used to indicate a potentially ha=
situation which, if not avoided, may result in minor or moderate inju=
ry and/or=20
mechanical damage. It is also used to alert against unsafe practices.

(! in a triangle icon) WARNING: Used whenever an action or condit=
ion may=20
potentially cause serious personal injury or loss of life. Mechanical=
may also result

(electrical symbol in a triangle icon) WARNING or DANGER: Indic=
ates high=20
voltage or risk of electric shock. Turn the power switch off and disc=
onnect the=20
equipment from the main power source. Refer servicing of all areas di=
either symbol to service personnel.

The descriptions above of the meaning of each type of note are pr=
ovided in=20
the Introduction section of the manual.

ccallen -at- ccgate -dot- dp -dot- beckman -dot- com =20

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