Re: Framemaker??

Subject: Re: Framemaker??
From: Marc Santacroce <santa -at- TFS -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 1995 13:40:04 -0800

There have been lots of answers posted already. Basically, they don't do
the same thing. PageMaker is a DTP/Page layout program, FrameMaker is a
document processor (read word processor for complex and lengthy documents).
If you want to do a news letter use PageMaker. If you want to write a six
volume series of manuals with cross-references use FrameMaker.
At 3:10 PM 1/13/95 -0500, Lisa Steinberg wrote:

>This may be a stupid question (maybe I'm just ignorant) but could folks
>please clue me in to the differences between Framemaker and Pagemaker?
>Quite awhile ago, I used Framemaker (or should I say, attempted to use)
>and I was not impressed. It was difficult to use and not user-friendly by
>any stretch of the imagination. I learned DTP with Pagemaker and I found
>that program, at the time, to be the best for DTP. Even now, I use only
>Pagemaker for all my final document work. It has a great indexing
>function, handles graphics very well, and even washes windows. Has there
>been a *real* significant change in Framemaker to make it the number one
>choice among writers outside of the university setting? The humanities lab
>where I went to school is even considering switching from Pagemaker to
>Framemaker and all I can do is ask "WHY?".

>Some informed opinion on this matter would be appreciated...Thanks!


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