Color Separations: FrameMaker & Screen Captures

Subject: Color Separations: FrameMaker & Screen Captures
From: "Lawrence \"Lonnie\" Brennan" <lb -at- MRST -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 1995 09:43:00 EST

I'm looking for anyone who has had any success
in creating color separations of
screen captures using FrameMaker

I'm using FrameMaker 4.0.3, unix.
I used Frame to snap screenshots (saved in xwd format),
then I translated the xwd to tif,
opened the tif in Adobe Photoshop,
went into CYMK mode,
saved the tif as an eps, (ascii, no preview, DCS no postscript...
I also tried ascii, no preview, DCS color CYMK preview)

brought the eps back to unix,
used the dos2unix command on each of the 5 eps files
imported the master file into Frame
got a grey box (even with clientBitMap in Xdefaults set at 8 megs)
tried to print it... no luck.

I've spend from 9 'til 6:15 either on tech support to
Frame, or tech support to Adobe.
No luck so far, although everyone has been quite
helpful (despite my later-afternoon grumbliness).

So, I just ordered Quark. It will be here in two days,
I'm told it handles separations

[But, out of love for Frame, and a desire not to have to
re-create all my color separations data sheets in Quarx,
I'd really like to figure out a way to make Frame work
with color separations.]

By-the-way, Frame Tech note #1579 says fails to mention that
Adobe Photoshop lets you save eps separated files in about
18 different ways, with switches such as binary/ascii,
preview, 1bit, 8bit, etc. I suggested to a gentleman at
Frame that perhaps their tech note could mention to avoid
the preview and avoid binary, as these produce data files
that are unacceptable to Frame, but he said that "we purposely
have to make our tech notes generic" and that such detail
was often considered inappropriate for their wide audience.
I wanted to curse him but instead simply noted that I
think the next poor sole who attempts to follow the
tech note, might appreciate knowing that he or she can
avoid about 2 hours worth of trial and error, by the inclusion
of just one line. In any case, this is the first time
Frame has come up really short.

Comments, suggestions, and insults to:
lb -at- mrst -dot- com,

Lonnie Brennan
MRS Technology
10 Elizabeth Drive
Chelmsford, MA 01824
(508) 250-0450 ext. 263

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