ATARI file conversion

Subject: ATARI file conversion
From: Tom Little <LITTLE_TOM_H -at- OFVAX -dot- LANL -dot- GOV>
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 1995 16:05:00 MDT

Sorry to post this to the list, but Vince Reh didn't provide an email address.

> Does anyone have any experience converting GEM-based WordWriter text files
> from the Atari to the Mac? I have several book-length files on my obsolete
> Mega 2 ST that I'd love to convert to the Power Mac (preferred) or Windows.

> I don't care about formatting, etc. because anything would be better than a
> complete rekey.

The good news is that the ATARI ST series reads IBM-format diskettes. (The
reverse is not generally true, alas.) So assuming that the ST is still
operating, just format a disk on an IBM/clone, put it in the ST, and save the
files (preferably in straight ASCII so you won't have to fuss with text format).
You can then carry the disk back to an IBM/clone and read the files.

I think the quickest way to get to Mac format is through the IBM, unless your ST
had one of those Mac emulators.

Good luck.

Tom Tadfor Little | "They called me
Technical Writer/Editor | 'the quiet one' because
Los Alamos National Laboratory | I just didn't have anything
little_tom_h -at- ofvax -dot- lanl -dot- gov | to say" -- George Harrison, 1987.

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