Frame vs Word - ERRATUM

Subject: Frame vs Word - ERRATUM
From: Michael LaTorra <mikel -at- HUEY -dot- ACCUGRAPH -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 1995 13:18:12 MST

ERRATUM: I accidentally transposed some text in the Comparison Table of
FrameMaker and Word that I posted under the message title "SUMMARY -
Frame vs Word". The errors occurred in the rows "tables" and "printing".
A corrected table is included below. And I'd like to thank those sharp-
eyed readers who caught these errors and informed me. Hats off to:
Carol Odlum, Becky Day, M. Brown ("Vidiot"), Colin Evans, and
Bertrand Decouty.

One more thing: More responses to my original posting have been
coming in. After a decent interval (i.e., when I have time),
I will summarize these as well.

Live long & prosper,
Mike LaTorra

Documentation Supervisor
Accugraph Inc.
mikel -at- accugraph -dot- com

Comparison Table of FrameMaker and Word
platforms PC, Mac, UNIX PC, Mac

application Desk Top Publisher Word Processor

speed fast slow

books designed for this; not designed for this;
(multi-file) 1,000 pages are OK; 100 pages are barely possible;
easy to create & 1,000 pages are out of the question
maintain, including extremely slow to process/update;
pagination difficult to control pagination
between files in book

templates comprehensive, robust, limited, difficult to modify once
easy to use and modify in use

mixed page easy to combine combining different layouts in the
layouts different layouts same document tends to crash Word
in one document

paragraph easy to apply, modify; easy to apply; user can not define
tags user can define number number of lines in widow/orphan control
of lines in widow/
orphan control

character user can define user can define

hyphenation robust; allows weak; does not allow non-breaking
non-breaking hyphen hyphen

version uses Conditional Text multiple file sets must be maintained
control to maintain different
doc. versions in same

references index, cross-ref., cross-references can cause problems;
easy to create & updating references is extremely slow

tables table formats can be each instance must be formatted
created & saved; individually
2 predefined
formats included

graphics adequate tools for limited tools; outside graphic app.
most purposes usually required

image capture built-in function - none -

sorting - none - supported for tables, lists, paragraphs

printing supports registration no registration marks, thumbnails,
marks, thumbnails, color separations
color separations


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