From: Gregg Roberts <gregg -dot- roberts -at- TPOINT -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 22:31:16 -0600

Re: Ads or no ads

FWIW, my opinion is that short, "personal" or small-business, ON-TOPIC ads are
not a problem. I am on the list to get (and occasionally give!) information.
Therefore whether someone else might profit from the information they are
offering -- conditioned on my buying their product -- does not offend me.
(This is especially true for job opening announcements, which might not fit
some people's definition of an ad.) The discussion group is a highly efficient
way for people with small budgets to reach a targeted audience. I can't really
blame those who violate Netiquette by jumping ahead of the curve. I'm willing
to take the time to pass judgment on most of the ads I've seen.

What bugs me more (because it is so much more common and less comprehnsible to
me) is the far greater number of messages on the list that contain endless
discussions of minor points of grammar and the like, usually with too much of
the original post quoted. Many posts concern issues that are not specifically
technical (like the "either" thread, the "Mom" thread, etc. etc.). At the same
time, since efficient use of time is a key constraint, I would prefer NOT to
see flames sent to the list, but only to the offending sender, whatever the
complaint (unless the offender persists, I suppose).

In any case, I am grateful for all the material that HAS been of use.


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