Mac-to-PC Conversion

Subject: Mac-to-PC Conversion
From: Kelly Burhenne <burhennk -at- SMTPGW -dot- LIEBERT -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 1995 11:16:58 EST

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It just so happens... I am on an Indexers list which recently had a
discussion about Mac-to-PC conversion. Being the organized (!) person
that I am, I saved the messages which I will summarize below:

-MacLink Plus PC Connect, Dataviz: includes components for both the
Mac and DOS sides of the file transfer, complete set of conversion
filters and AFE, allows use of DOS disks on the Mac, includes cable
for direct transfer. Dataviz, Trumbull, CT (203/268-0030)

-Straight text file conversions: download a Mac program from America
Online called NAFF that converts Mac, DOS, or UNIX text to the version
suitable for another platform

-A program called "Mac-In-DOS" by Pacific Micro. Splits the screen in
Windows with one side representing the DOS/Windows drive and the other
side the Mac "drive". Copy files from either format. Mac you receive
a disk from should have Superdrive or high-density drive. Program will
not work with double density (800k) MacIntosh disks. Very easy both
ways (outputting to Mac, inputting to Mac).
201 San Antonio Circle C250
Mountain View CA 94040
Phone: 415/948-6200
Fax: 415/948-6296

-MacIntoshes since at least version 6.x have capability of copying
files to and from MS/DOS disks using Apple File Exchange. Mac 7.5
handles reading and writing of files from MS/DOS disks

-No conversion program: run Word 5.0 on the Mac and Word 6.0 on the
PC. Output files to rtf on the PC, open them in Word, save them as
Mac Word onto a PC disk, then take them over and open them up. Excel
files work this way too. You can read almost anything from a Mac, as
long as your word processor can convert the file. Word seems to
handle most things, especially if you save them as rtf.

-Send or receive files in ASCII format.

-Using modems or e-mail for file transfer.

-Outside computer companies will convert the file for a fee.

Hope this helps!

-Kelly Burhenne
burhennk -at- smtpgw -dot- liebert -dot- com
Columbus, OH

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