Re: Infuriated

Subject: Re: Infuriated
From: Joe Fockler <jfockler -at- IPHASE -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 1995 13:13:49 -0600


Glad I could return the favor. Seriously, my manager is a Journalist by
education and not at all like the investigative reporter that I mentioned
in the story. She has unquestionable integrity and very high ethical

I apologize to all Journalists on this list (and those just reading the
list). I did not intend to offend any one and the statement was spoken
"tongue in cheek". DOUG (and other Journalists) PLEASE ACCEPT MY

I do have a hard time believing anything I see "reported" in the national
media and I guess the mistrust has "biased" me.

Doug, Data Librarian at Ext
4225 writes:
+ + Joe: +
+ Well, this is a first. I've never read anything that came in from the
+ 'Net before which absolutely infuriated me, but your silly little remark
+ made the grade:

+ *******************************
+ ...Journalism and truth are mutually exclusive....

+ [followed by a long story with no obvious relevance to tech writing.]
+ *******************************

+ Sure, there is fraud in journalism, as there is in science, religion, and
+ most other fields of human endeavor. This does not mean that there aren't
+ thousands of people out there struggling to get the facts straight in a
+ difficult environment that includes deadlines, ambiguous leads, lying
+ sources, and even death threats. Not to mention the continous flow of
+ self-serving information generated by every interest group, politician,
+ corporation, labor union and unit of government.

+ Frankly, you don't display enough sense of balance and willingness to seek
+ relevant information to make it through Freshman journalism, and I deeply
+ resent your blanket criticism of those who have.

I respectfully apologize. Please enlighten me on something, if Freshman
Journalism requires a "balance" as you state, why is the national media
so obviously biased? Peter Jennings commentary on the results of the
November elections saying (paraphrased) "the voters are like a bunch of
two year olds throwing temper tantrums." This is blatant bias. I guess
associating all journalists with Peter Jennings, Sam Donaldson, Dan
Rather, Connie Chung, Ted Koppel and the likes would be like associating
all Christians with Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, and Robert Tilton, huh?

Again, I apologize. Thanks Doug for pointing out my shortcomings. I will
work to develop a sense of balance.


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