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Subject: Re: paperless
From: "Dave L. Meek's User Account" <dave -at- DISC-SYNERGY -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 1995 15:49:47 -0800

Timothy Schablin wrote:
>Paper has been around before electricity. So energy isn't
>necessarily needed to make paper. Why do so many people want a
>paperless world and a 100% energy depedant world?

Michael Priestley replied:
>So banks should go back to ledger books and doing calculations
>by hand?

If I may be so bold, I don't think Timothy was suggesting
technological regression. I thought his point was that paper had
been with us a long time and would continue to be with us. I
agree, although I thinks paper's important will diminish greatly.
And have you ever had a problem with your bank's
electronic systems? I have with mine, and the paper product I had
in my possession (i.e., canceled check) proved invaluable.

As for the pyramids, I know two things about them: their general
shape, and not all of them are in Egypt. I've also heard a
theory (which I have no way of verifying) that the Egyptians
*poured* most of their pyramids in place and put the facia stones
on afterward (rather like pouring concrete). Interesting, if
true; hauling bags of sand is much more convenient that lugging
stone blocks around.

Dave Meek

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