Re: problems with docs in ascii format

Subject: Re: problems with docs in ascii format
From: John McDermott <jjm -at- JKINTL -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 4 Feb 1995 09:58:06 PST

>I've been struggling with how to present commands in the ascii version of
>documentation. I've checked several other university gopher sites for
>but none that I've found use a consistent method: some use both all-caps
>double quotes in the same document. All-caps wouldn't be bad, but it
>won't work for our Unix docs, because Unix commands are case sensitive. I'm
>also concerned that no matter how many notation keys I include, if I use
>quotes, people will think that they are part of the command. As I'm
working, I
>Has anyone else dealt with a similar situation? Any suggestion?

>Thank you!

>Tamara Miller

When I have multiple fonts I use some sans-serif for the regular text and a
Courier type font for commands and code. In straight ASCII I've used this:

--- begin example ---
The UNIX command for listing the contents of a directory is 'ls'. For
ls /usr/man
There are also options...
--- end example ---

Note the *single* quotes around the command and the indentation of the
command in the third line. I have never (knowingly) had someone get
confused with this after the first example or so.

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