equipment standard?

Subject: equipment standard?
From: PaulW -dot- Strandlund -at- X400UX -dot- SASKTEL -dot- SK -dot- CA
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 1995 09:43:00 -0600

>I was wondering what kind of hardware most people on this list use.
>I am having enormous trouble persuading my boss that the equipment I
>have is not adequate for what he is expecting me to do.
>I have a 486, 33MHz, 8Meg PC with 14" screen, which doesn't print and
>gets very slow when I have more than one package open - which is often

Wow, I really fell sorry for all the people who have responded to this so far
(at the least the ones that I have seen). Here I use a Macintosh IIsi, with 18
Meg Ram, 80 Meg hard drive and space on 4 servers for extra capacity. If I have

any more than Quickmail, CC Mail, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, TeachText,

Superpaint, MacDraw Pro, and Page Maker open I might have to close 1 of 32 open
windows to print. Even then it might ask me if I want to print and do nothing
else while it is doing so. The only reason I would have to close anything is to

have backgroud printing.

My screen is only a 14" but hopefully to be upgraded someday. There has been
talk of upgrading to PowerMacs but I won't hold my breath.

To all of you DOS folx, maybe its time to look to a real computer, a Macintosh

Your's computingly,
Paul (paul -dot- strandlund -at- sasktel -dot- sk -dot- ca)
"Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love" Albert

>R_e_b_e_c_c_a F_i_l_a_r_d_o /\ /\

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