Re: So what do you do with SOCIAL sciences?

Subject: Re: So what do you do with SOCIAL sciences?
From: Ray Burgess <rburgess -at- TSIB -dot- NL>
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 1995 19:28:00 GMT+0100

Gregg Roberts just asked me how I will be using my background in Psychology
with Technical Writing. I figured that once I get out into the "real world" it
wouldn't do much for me, except that I could say "well I wrote stuff" and "I
did a two-factor ANOVA one time."

On Friday 10 Feb 95 Gretchen L. Toth said

Is there anyone who has had a background in the SOCIAL sciences who would share
how they have used that background or share how that background may actually be
sought by an employer?

On Friday Feb 10 Ray Burgess replied

I have a background in social sciences. I read some Psychology, Politics and
Economics. This was very useful when I worked for devious Robert (I'll steal
your pension) Maxwell.
The only other qualification that would have come in handy would have been
dancing. For then I would have been able to avoid the humungus quantities of
shit that frequently hit the fan. But on those occassions when face to face
with "Captain Bob" I thought of my old school days and lied like a
politician, avoided asking him about his chidhood, and like a true economist
never reached a conclusion.

Captain Bob always boosted that " although he had never been to University
he had been educated in the university of life". Alas this did'nt help in
the end for on that fatefull morning, just before he left, he said to his
wife Betty "you put out the cat and I'll feed the fish"; he seemed buoyant.

So I guess as he's lying on a hill in Jeruselem (why not he lied every where
else) and I'm here reminiscing some of that education must have helped: even
a Technical Author.
Finally, when Gregg Roberts asks you this question again you should use all
you Psychological training and say "Well what do you think Gregg?"

Ray Burgess.
TSIB BV The Netherlands

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