Re: Conditional Text

Subject: Re: Conditional Text
From: Vince Putman <PUTMV -at- MAIL -dot- SYNTRON -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995 10:11:52 CST

Simple porting of WPWIN6.1 documents to on-line useage, should of
course include hypertext (index) links. My research on the entire
field of electronic and paper publishing compatibility indicates that
the tools you will need are not mature just yet. Also, while you can
assign equipment options different file names and generate paper copy
from online documents, it appears that online help from the same
InfoDataBase will be a problem.

FYI, Cyberleaf promises to be able to take WPWIN6.1 files in and pump
out HTML, but RTF seems to be required for Windows online documents.
DocToHelp does the RTF, but only for Word4Windoze. Other apps like
HotMetal are also looking for a chunk of the action.

Please provide more details on your project. Your experiences will be
verrrrrry interestinnnnnnng.

Vince Putman | Be kind, never have a battle of wits
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Subject: Conditional Text
Author: "Robert A. Goff" <outlaw -at- RT66 -dot- COM> at INTERNET_MAIL
Date: 2/11/95 4:41 PM

We're bidding a contract for some product documentation that's a little
outside what we've done before, and I'm wondering if anyone would offer
some comments about previous experience.

There will be two manuals, each on the order of 200pp, to be printed on
demand at the time of product installation. The text that gets printed is
to depend on which of two products and several options for each product the
user has purchased. Final product to be in WordPerfect 6 format.

The customer also wants it to be designed for simple porting to on-line useage.

Some specific questions that I can think of:
* What are some of the things to consider in designing a conditional-text
* What are some of the technical problems with on-site, on-demand printing?
What can you assume about the output device?
* Given that you can't design a document for both print and on-line use at
the same time without giving something up, what kinds of things can you do
"for free," that don't compromise the quality of the print document very
much, but make the on-line document better?

Feel free to make comments that don't fall under these questions. Thanks.

Bob Goff
outlaw -at- rt66 -dot- com

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