Left-Hand Side

Subject: Left-Hand Side
From: Lori Moore <LORIMOORE -at- VAX -dot- MICRON -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 13:07:41 MDT

Bev Parks asks:

>>Does anyone else out there have a problem with saying
>>"...on the left hand side of ...?"
>>Whenever I encounter it I yank out the "hand."

So do I!

And my ever-respected colleague, Bill Burns, responds:

>When I refer operators to the keypad on the left-hand side,
>they can relate to body position rather than machine


Then Glen Accardo adds:

>When I see "On the right hand side of the equation...."
>I insert the comment that equations don't have hands.

>... some sort of tool might have one side for the left
>hand... in which case the "left hand grip" might be
>perfectly nice.

and, of course:
>Did the Corinthians ever write back?

Good points ('cept the Corinthians thing...
They never could figure out who the heck that Paul guy was!)

I yank out the "hand" because it's a given that we're
referring to a certain _side_. "Hand" doesn't assist in
clarifying that description in MOST circumstances. When Bill
describes the location of a kepad, I feel "hand" is acceptable,
but not for his reason. The keypad is near hand-level, so "left-
hand side" draws the reader's attention directly to (hopefully!)
that location.

Lori Moore
Micron in Boise }}}} Freebird }}}}}
Idaho, USA
(Soon to be Micron in either Oklahoma, Utah, or Nebraska... We'll see!)


>>"...on the left hand side of ...?"
(^ Do you honestly think this is
the best place for this question mark? I'll go down fighting
for my right to punctuate OUTSIDE the quotes!)

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