Adobe Acrobat for printing PostScript graphics

Subject: Adobe Acrobat for printing PostScript graphics
From: David Hancock <djh -at- ARINC -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 07:27:46 EST

Merrill Dodge (gmd -at- unislc -dot- slc -dot- unisys -dot- com) wrote recently about a novel
use for Adobe Acrobat:

> I've found another use of Acrobat. Converting postcript
> files to bitmaps. I distill the .ps file ... load it into
> the reader ... capture the screen ... then crop and edit it
> in paintbrush. I now have a bitmap of the postscript file
> for inclusion into other programs or documents. This is
> useful when moving graphics from Unix (which frequently
> produces .ps graphic files) into a DOS/Windows environment.

I think that this is a terrific idea for PostScript graphics that need
to be edited (callouts, pointers, overlays, etc.). Thanks, Merrill, for
the idea; I wish I'd thought of it!

When you do this, though, you'll be stuck with the graphics printing at
the resolution of your screen. If you are printing to a PostScript
printer, it's almost always preferable to make an Encapsulated
PostScript file out of the PostScript file; that way, it can be scaled,
rotated, and otherwise manipulated without loss of resolution, and in
fact can "gain" resolution when you print to a higher resolution device.


David Hancock | dhancock -at- arinc -dot- com

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