Re: Frame 4.0 indexing capabilities

Subject: Re: Frame 4.0 indexing capabilities
From: Glen Accardo <glen -at- SOFTINT -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995 13:06:23 -0600

> > We are producing 3 manuals for one product: technical reference
> > programming guide
> > user guide
> >
> > Using FrameMaker 4.0, can I create one index for all three books (as
> > opposed to 3 individual)? How would I auto-generate such a document?
> > (Make a "superbook" out of the 3 books?) I'm looking thru "Using
> > Frame" & am not finding the info I need.

> I'm not sure if the book feature is adequate to this task or not. An
> alternate possibility is to create individual indexes, use a cut and
> paste to combine and then do a sort. (I'm not sure if Frame has a sort
> feature, so this might not work.

FrameMaker is up to the task. You'll need to make an "index book" which
is a combination of all the stuff in the other books. Then, you can use
the prefix field to append a book name for the index.

Your "index book" would look like this:

tech ref chapter 1
tech ref chapter 2
prog guid chapter 1
prog guid chapter 2

This would generate an index (sorted correctly) for everything. Then, you
could print just the index chapter, and everything is fine. Note that
you'll have to setup page numbering and such, but it should be no problem.

glen accardo glen -at- softint -dot- com
Software Interfaces, Inc. (713) 492-0707 x122
Houston, TX 77084

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