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Subject: Re: Returned mail: User unknown
From: John McDermott <jjm -at- JKINTL -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 13:25:44 PST

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>Date: Wed, 22 Feb 95 09:44:05 PST
>From: John McDermott <jjm -at- jkintl -dot- com>
>Subject: RE: Survey: How do you want to get info on available training?
Mary D asks:
>How would you rather hear
>about my Doc-To-Help classes or my courses in managing help projects?

>Do you want me to mail you a flyer (and use trees, ink, electricity, etc.
>do it), send you a fax (and use trees, ink, electricity, etc.), or drop a
>little piece of email on the list telling people they can contact me if
>are interested (use minimal amount of electricity)? I will tell you now
>as a new business I don't have the money to buy ads in Technical
>Communications, and I know not all technical writers are members. And I am
>certainly not going to sit around making phone calls to everyone: I hate

I hate telemarketing, too. And if you did call me with a solicitation
(unless it was a response to something else), I would add you to my list of
telemarketers with whom I do not do business.

I prefer e-mail to the list. Why not? As one who pays cash money for every
minute of connect time, your service is one of the more valuable uses of my
money. (People who subscribe to print publications see ads so that is not
an issue.)

Let's look at the economics:

A 1,400 character (which is about message takes a second (ideally) to
process. If we allow
a factor of 10 for overhead (way too much, but let's make this worst case),
this gives 10 seconds = 1/6 minute or about $.02 (at the $8/hour rate I pay)
which is about the same as a 1 page ad in a $2 100page print publication.
That seems reasonable to me.

>Mary Deaton

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E-mail: jjm -at- jkintl -dot- com (John McDermott)
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