Subject: Re: WORD 6.0 MACRO "PUZZLER"
From: John McDermott <jjm -at- JKINTL -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 13:15:28 PST


>Have any of you created and edited macros in Word 6.0 using the WordBasic
>macro language?

Here is what you want, I think. I haven't written your complete macro, but
this should point you in the right direction:
From Word Help:

EditReplace [.Find = text,] [.Replace = text,] [
.WholeWord = number,] [.MatchCase = number,] [
.Format = number,] [.ReplaceAll]
Corresponds to the Replace dialog box (Edit menu);
replaces one text string with another.

.Find The text to find.
.Replace The text to replace. If Find and
Replace are omitted, the strings
used in the previous search
and/or replace are used.
.WholeWord Corresponds to the Whole Word
check box.
.MatchCase Corresponds to the Match Case
check box.
.Format Replaces formatting in addition
to, or instead of, text:

0 Does not replace
1 Does replace

.ReplaceAll Corresponds to clicking the
Replace All button.

To replace formatting in addition to, or instead of,
text, first use the EditFindChar, EditFindPara,
EditFindStyle, EditReplaceChar,
EditReplacePara, EditReplaceStyle,
EditFindClearFormatting, or
EditReplaceClearFormatting instructions to set
up the formatting, and then use EditReplace or
EditFind with Format set to 1.


EditFindChar .Underline = 1
EditReplaceChar .Italic = 1
EditReplace .ReplaceAll


Finds all instances of underlined text in the
document and replaces the format with italics.

So you could just print the old text in a dialog box and have the user type
the replacement or whatever.

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