SUMMARY: What should I charge?

Subject: SUMMARY: What should I charge?
From: "Eileen Anderson, UALR" <EBANDERSON -at- UALR -dot- EDU>
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 08:23:53 -0500

I posted a request for advice: I needed to set a price
for helping someone purchase and set up a Macintosh
system at home, and training him on internet goodies.

I'm an academic writer and editor, with no academic
computer credentials but an aptitude and a fair amount
of experience.

I got 15 personal e-mail responses, including some
wonderful advice.

Three people suggested I ask the locals what the going
rates were, despite my stated reluctance. Two writers
suggested being up front about my reason, another said
to just call and describe the project and ask what they
would charge.

Several writers encouraged me not to sell myself short
just because I don't have "official" qualifications.

Several warned me to be sure and spell out in advance
exactly what my services would cover.

Ten writers mentioned dollar amounts. These were:

>$10/hour (the writer acknowledged that this was very

>1.5 times a full-timer's rate of $10->15/hour

(two responders)

>$75/first hour, $25/each hour thereafter

>Free for friends (then you can avoid having to answer
>ensuing flow of silly questions)

>$30/hour training; $50/hour consulting

>$20/hour for training or setup; $50 flat rate for
>consulting and purchase of a system

>$25-100/hour; writer had charged $35/hour

>$35-50/hour (for on-line help developing)

>$20-30/hour (from a local who saw my post!)

I will probably charge a flat fee for system purchase
and setup (maybe $100), and a training fee of $25/hour,
this first time out.

Sorry I took so long to summarize. Thank you to all who

And sorry if this gets posted twice; the first one
_appears_ to have bounced.

Eileen Anderson
ebanderson -at- ualr -dot- edu

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