Re: Mindless Screen Shots

Subject: Re: Mindless Screen Shots
From: Bex <rebeccaf -at- COMPNEWS -dot- CO -dot- UK>
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 1995 10:40:51 +0100

On Wed, 5 Apr 1995, Karen Kay wrote:

> But I have another question. I'll admit that I haven't had to include
> screen shots in my own writing, so I don't have any idea how I would
> do it. On the other hand, as a user, I am frustrated when only an icon
> or only a pulldown menu is presented, because I can't figure out where
> the hell it is on my screen. In other words, there isn't enough
> information to help me find it. In the other case, there's too much
> information to find it. So what do you do? Do include half the screen?
> How do you handle this? Am I the only user who has this problem?

I've just been writing some documentation in which I had to explain
where various things could be found on the rather complicated screen.
I used full screen shots. I shaded the whole screen and highlighted the
background of the relevant part white.

The size and the shading are just enough that you can read writing if you
really want to, but it is meant to make it a kind of at-a-glance location

It LOOKS pretty good to ME, but I'm waiting for feedback from users.

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