Re: Macs vs Pcs

Subject: Re: Macs vs Pcs
From: "W. Michaels" <stinky5 -at- TELEPORT -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 1995 17:27:12 -0700

Tracie Speer asks:

>What hardware and software do your companies provide?
>What computer brand do you feel more comfortable using at home and at work?
>What computer do tech writers use most often, Macs or PCs?
>Is either the PC or the Mac more appropriate for creating on-line

1. My company provides whatever the user has experience with, as long as
it's compatible with the *Network.* Most of the software (like Word) comes
in Mac and pc versions anyway. (Most people here use pc's.)

2. I use a 17" monitor at home and at work (won't go back to 14"). I feel
safe and comfortable with an IBM at work (466DX2 527 mg hd drive) -- IBM has
wonderful service, so there is a brief down time if the computer dies (mine
never has). With others, you might be down for a week or more! At home, I
have a Gateway (pentium); if it goes down, I stay at work longer.

I'm the only tech writer here and I have no Mac experience, so I can't
answer 3 and 4; however, according to rumor, Macs handle graphics better
(not sure if it's the machine or the software). You might also consider an
OS/2 platform; people that use it, love OS/2.

-- W. Michaels

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