Length of TW jobs

Subject: Length of TW jobs
From: Tina Sansom <kms -at- PLAZA -dot- DS -dot- ADP -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 1995 08:31:33 -0700

Gail Hogsdon wrote:

Shelly La Rock asked how long most of us stayed in our jobs, and if we
went willingly when it was time to go.

Most tech writers I know get bored after working 2 to 3 years for the
same employer. In most companies, the tech writers work on very similar
projects. After a while it all gets a bit repetitive ... and you need
to find something new to write about!


There's another option also. I'm in a fairly big company (30-40 tech
writers and training developers) and I've managed to jump to a new project
every 2-3 years, either through my own initiative or because my team was
re-assigned. But, on paper, I've been at the same company nearly 7 years.

Just another way to look at the same question. It doesn't necessarily
require finding a new employer every 2-3 years, but yes, I will admit that
2-3 years is about my limit on the boredom scale.

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