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Date: Sun, 16 Apr 1995 08:49:43 -0400

Please forward.
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Subj: 100's of Employers I
Date: 95-04-15 18:22:22 EDT
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Hello All!

Thanks to everyone who helped me out with gathering names and numbers of
companies that hire tech writers and instructional designers. Below is a
RAG-TAG conglomeration of hundreds of names, addresses, fax numbers,
telephone numbers, etc. Some of the information is duplicated. Some of it=
outdated (but not much). Numbers that are listed below without any other
info. are FAX NUMBERS!!! I hope you can find a use for it.

I am still looking for a job as a tech writer, business consultant, syste=
designer, or instructional designer in the Atlanta, Colorado, Montana,
Wyoming, Idaho, Washington (STATE), or . My resume is also below. Thanks!=


Scot Hanley
assetwp -at- aol -dot- com =

Scot E. Hanley
Letter of Inquiry for Employment

Scot E. Hanley Work: (706)649-6830 =

#36 Eastside Dr. Home: (706)322-8994
Fortson, GA 31808 Mobile: (706)325-2920
Fax: (800)203-6478

Dear Sir or Ma'am, April 15, 1995

When you look for quality employees for your company, are you looking fo=

people who have proven they can perform and add to your bottom line? Are =
looking for experienced, honest, and hardworking =

individuals? If so, look no further. I have the experience and attitude y=
want. And not only will my experi ence save you money, but my "bottom lin=
attitude will as well. If my experience and attitude don't impress you, t=
maybe my Presidential Appointment to US Army officer will. It speaks for
itself: honesty, integri ty, hard work, and experience. =

If these characteristics have gotten your attention, please read my resu=
Currently, I am working as a Help systems designer/technical writer and
project leader at Total System Services, Inc. (TSYS). TSYS is the second
largest credit card processing service in the world and serves such clien=
as AT&T, Nationsbank, Bank of America, and many others. My forte is
designing, developing, and implementing on line help systems in mainframe=
PC environments. I have extensive experience in research, business needs
analysis, procedural analysis, audience analysis, technical writing, and=

programming. =

I have enjoyed the past four years of my career with this company. Howev=
at this time my wife and I are ready for change and new challenges. We ar=

willing to relocate. Please do not contact TSYS. My em ployer is unaware =
my plans and I would be wary of my situation here if that were to change.=

Keep in mind I paid for 100% of my education while working full time and=

providing for a wife and child. I have a spotless credit record, a top-se=
clearance status with the government, and a sensitive materials clearance=

status with TSYS. What is more, I have the drive and skills you are looki=
for. I think you will find my background interesting and my professional
experience valuable. =

I am looking for a challenging position in the systems design and/or
technical writing areas of your =

establishment. I am equally interested in a position as a business analys=
t or
consultant. I invite you to take a detailed look at what I have provided =
request that you call me at (706)649-6830 M-F 8:30am to 5:30pm (EST) or
(706)322-8994 at any other time if you have any questions.



Scot E. Hanley

Scot E. Hanley 1-(706)322-8994

Professional Objective
To obtain a professional position with your company in which my
communication, analytical, and =

design skills are challenged and used to my maximum abilities.

Qualifications Summary
=95Professional systems design/technical writing experience in the bankca=
industry =95Facilities management experience in the bankcard industry
=95Personnel management and leadership experience in the corporate and mi=
sectors =

=95Extensive personnel and technical training experience
=95Management/Design experience with my own business
=95Strong PC, LAN, mainframe, hardware, and software skills =


Degree: B.A. English Language and Literature

Southern Methodist University Dallas, TX 1985-1988
Columbus College Columbus, GA 1991-1993
Professional Education
Trust and Teamwork TSYS 1995
Corporate Law and Ethics TSYS 1994
Bankcard Industry Management TSYS 1992
Supervisory Roles and Responsibilities TSYS 1991
Advanced Software Training TSYS 1992
Military Education
US Army Infantry School Ft. Benning, GA 1988
US Army Mechanized Infantry School Ft. Benning, GA 1988
US Army Ordnance Officer's Course Aberdeen PG, MD 1994

Computer Experience

Preference*, Phoenix*, IRMA Workstation, ISPF, TSO Switch, BCS1/2/5, TS2,=

Bookmaster, CICS =

Preference, Phoenix, DOS, IRMA Workstation, Novell, Access, Excel, Lotus
1-2-3, Quattro Pro, Paradox, =

WordPerfect, WordPerfect Informs, Word for Word, Word, Corel Draw, Laplin=
k V,
Delrina Win Fax Pro, Replica, Wordstar, Power point, Watermark, Commworks=

Compuserve, America On Line, Winbatch, KingCom, Ami Pro, Harvard Graphics=

UNIX(military), ULLS (military), TAMMS (military), memory management, and=


Basic, Pascal, Fortran, Preference and Phoenix =

IBM, Ambra, Compaq, AST, Motherboard, CD ROM, Tape Backup, UPS Backup, Fa=

board, Sound =

board, Scanner, Modem Installation, Advanced troubleshooting skills with =
and Port setup, HP Laser and DeskJet Printers.


Career Experience
Total System Services Inc. (TSYS), Columbus, GA 09/92 to Present
Systems Development, Performance Support =

Project Leader and Systems Designer of all Performance Support design,
programming, and technical writing for the customer service and customer
service accounting modules of TS2 (two hundred system screens). Duties
include: =

Manage and participate in the development and programming of:

Computer based training =

Achieve expert level knowledge and use of Phoenix for development of PC a=
mainframe tutorials
Study client operations, procedures, and system screens; research and ana=
client training needs
Document existing client procedures; conduct audience analysis; work with=

business analysts
Develop and document project methodology, styles and standards; develop=

instructional design of tutorials
Supervise subordinate designers, sub-module teams, and project teams for
design, testing, and implementation
Implement client procedures documentation into tutorials; program forms,
simulations, and loops
Conduct tutorial subject matter checks and software testing; edit
Implement enhancements; train clients on tutorial software
Support clients in software installation, training, and troubleshooting;
maintain tutorials

Computer based reference
Achieve expert level knowledge and use of Preference for development of
mainframe reference system
Collaborate with business analyst and programmer teams; document pertinen=

Study existing documentation, system screens; research and analyze refere=
Develop and document project methodology, styles and standards
Design reference volume table of contents and index; develop system
architecture and program hypertext links =

Research, test, and document system screens, system capabilities, procedu=
and other pertinent information =

Supervise associate designers and project teams; edit documentation and t=
help systems
Implement enhancements; maintain reference system
Train clients on mainframe reference system =

On Line Help
Achieve expert level knowledge and use of Preference for development of
mainframe help system
Establish help system priorities based on client needs; analyze client
Analyze and test system screens in detail; collaborate with business anal=
and programmer teams
Document pertinent data; study existing documentation, system screens;
research and analyze help needs
Develop and document project methodology, styles and standards
Design help volume table of contents and index; design system architectur=

using loops, smart help, links etc.
Supervise associate designers and project teams; edit documentation and t=
help systems
Implement enhancements, maintain help system; train clients on mainframe =
system =

Training, Performance, and Customer Service
Train associate designers on IRMA Workstation, TSO Switch and Preference
multiple sessions to maximize efficiency =

Senior Preference trainer for associate designers; departmental Preferenc=

software SME =

Assist in LAN administration; configure software emulator
Develop, evaluate, and enhance advanced software user capabilities
Analyze departmental procedures and design automated systems as needed;
streamline existing procedures =

Maintain PC memory and software configurations; troubleshoot system prob=
and implement improvements
Track and report all pertinent product data to upper management and
accounting using Access and Excel.
Act as client liaison for all Preference and Phoenix products; resolve cl=
problems, track and fulfill enhancements
Design and present client demos of cbr, cbt, and on line help capabilitie=

and benefits using Powerpoint

Automated Systems Network (ASSET), Columbus, GA 03/93 to Present
Owner/Operator =

Manager of all operations of the company including: accumulating capital,=

purchasing, research,
development of the client/server system, development of the word processo=

network, customer and =

employee technical support, employee training, system documentation, cust=
service, employee management, financial management, communications system=
hardware systems, software systems, marketing, and quality analysis.

Combined Win Fax Pro 4.0, Delrina Fax Mailbox, Laplink V, and Replica, as=
integrated, automated system. Using a win batch program, this system
automatically downloaded faxes from my fax mailbox, printed them to Repli=
and copied them from one server to another using Laplink V. =

Enhanced user skills with Windows 3.1, WordPerfect 6.0a, Word 6.0, Word f=
Word, Commworks, and KingCom. Intermediate level user knowledge of Corel
Draw, Wordstar, Ami Pro, and Harvard Graphics.

Note: Asset is a part-time "hobby". Asset is second priority to my career=

Total System Services Inc. (TSYS), Columbus, GA 03/91 to 09/92
Support Services =

Supervisor responsible for the accomplishment of daily production goals.
Responsibilities entailed =

supervision of fifteen machine operators; Accountability for statement
mailing operations, statement printing =

operations, quality assurance, and statement supply operations,
Accountability for three hundred-fifty client banks and 800,000 (average)=

accounts per day to include clients such as: AT&T, Nationsbank, Citibank,=

First Deposit, Bank of America, Citicorp; Researching problem accounts us=
TS1 (CICS card processing system); Updating status of projects to senior
management; Reporting quarterly production totals and goals to senior
management; Development and maintenance of operations efficiency includin=

statements reprint system (DOS-CICS interface system).

United States Army and United States Army Reserve 1988-1995
US Army Infantry and Ordnance Corp. =

2LT / Platoon Leader responsible for the management, discipline, and trai=
of twenty-four Ordnance
soldiers at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD. Duties included unit coordinati=
and unit status reporting to
senior leaders; Monthly and annual counseling of subordinates; Accountabi=
for unit finance and supply;
certification in and use of military UNIX systems.

SGT / Acting Platoon Leader in charge of management and training of a
mechanized Infantry =

platoon. Personnel management, welfare, training, and discipline were
required. Accountable for the =

management and maintenance of multimillion dollar armored vehicles,
computers, and equipment. =

SGT / Squad leader responsible for the management, discipline, and traini=
of eight Infantry soldiers in Desert Storm. Responsibilities were to lea=

personnel in antiterrorist activities targeted at the RAF in Frankfurt,
Germany; Performed and trained subordinates on antiterrorist techniques,
time-crisis management, self-defense, military law, German law, and quick=

reaction techniques.




Presidential Appointment to US Army Officer US Government =

Desert Storm National Defense Ribbon US Army Infantry =

Army Commendation Medal US Army Infantry =

Army Achievement Medal (four awards) US Army Infantry =

USAA Academic Excellence Award US Army Ordnance Corp. =

Reserve Officer Association Scholastic Ribbon US Army Reserves =

ROTC Scholarship (two awards) US Army Reserves =


Power Play Award Total System Services Inc. =

ECE Award Total System Services Inc. =

Department Software SME Total System Services Inc.
Customer Service Module Manager Total System Services Inc.
Accounting Module Manager Total System Services Inc.
Senior Preference Software Trainer Total System Services Inc.



Schneider Grant Southern Methodist University =

Assistant to Dr. James Holdaway Southern Methodist University
Deans List (consistently) Columbus College
Certificate of Academic Achievement Columbus College
Academic Achievement Award Columbus College

References Available Upon Request

"","Andrew Bryant","","203","4529153"
"","Bob Confer","","314","4297600"
"","Bob Lohr","Georgia Online","813","9329349"
"","Dan Blankenship","","804","7502261"
"","Human Resources","","303","4884673"
"","Mariela Mancha","","305","5943878"
"","RF Watson","","602","7910955"
"","Robert Cortland","","415","3924164"
"","Staffing Manage","","303","7920319"
"","Therese Bell","","412","8879198"
"","Tranquest Techn","","408","2466656"
"Breitenbach","E. Allen","","303","2952235"
"Gaffney","Barbara L","","503","5789890"
"Thompson","Susan L.","","503","6858888"
"Verner","Joe","Houser, Martin, Morris & Assoc.","206","4538726"
"Watson","I. Benjamin","","913","6243000"
"Vivian","Golub","Netframe Systems","408","4344190"
"Carl","Ockerbloom","Parametric Technology","617","8911069"
"David","Picha","Allstaff Online","207","7801256"
"Nancy","Rosen","Pinnacle Micro","714","7271913"
"Jennifer","Werneke","PLATINUM technology","708","6910710"
"","","RC, Softblox, Inc","8920981","404"
"","","Becker Multimedia, Inc","3782984","404"
"","","Corporate Recruiter","3298672","800"
"","","Armknecht & Associates","3957574","404"
"","","Emjay Computer Careers","2391731","404"
"","","TM Floyd &Co","4355684","404"
"","","MIS Resources International","5871932","404"
"","","The Bowers Group","5091095","404"
"","","National Management Consulting Firm","4956292","708"
"","","Computer Generated Solutions","3920333","404"
"","","HBL Computer Resources, Inc.","9387851","404"
"","","Coopers & Lybrand, L.L.P.","6435132","404"
"","","STT Professional Staffing","6435132","404"
"","","Structured Logic","9551734","404"
"","","The Information Age, Inc.","8380374","404"
"","","EDP Associates","9627508","404"
"","","Bank South","5217347","404"
"","","Comprehensive Computer Consulting","5120101","404"
"","","J Iannoni & Assoc.","4551244","203"
"","","MTS Information Services","2299015","301"
"","","Keane, Inc","4531457","518"
"","","Elite Technical Services","6960414","407"
"","","Comprehensive Computer Consulting, Inc.","2342068","214"
"","","P. Murphy & Associates","8412122","818"
"","","PCS GROUP","3392888","502"
"","","Contact Network","3874187","214"
"","","New Dimensions In Technology","6390863","617"
"","","Net Resources","7910955","602"
"","","Robert Miller & Associates","5664376","619"
"","","Flex Access","3880885","303"
"","","CH2M Hill","3880885","303"
"","","Consumer Health Attn: Managed Care","3880885","303"
"Sue","Kerin","Knowledge Transfer International","5948322","212"
"","","HNS Software","3967861","404"
"","","Howard Systems International","3924233","404"
"","","Huey Gerald","9778837","404"
"","","Keane Inc","8507280","404"
"","","Kirk-Mayer Inc","2428946","404"
"","","Global Documentation Specialists","8328687","919"
"","","Information Industries Inc","4448816","816"
"","","Midwest Technical","2463368","615"
"","","Software design and Development","8301300","407"
"","","The Experts","7309858","305"
"","","Bankers Trust Company","714","2537542"
"","","Vermont Research Corp.","802","8862682"
"","","L.L. Bean","207","8560346"
"","","Elite Technical Services Inc","407","6960414"
"","","Hestair Computer Group","800","4405480"
"","","MTS Information Services, Inc","301","2299015"
"","","Keane, Inc.","518","4531457"
"","","Symantec Corp.","310","8280874"
"","","Magic Solutions","201","5878005"
"","","Allen Davis & Associates","413","5497542"
"","","New Dimensions In Technology, Inc.","617","6390863"
"Matrix, Inc.","","Matrix, Inc.","813","4431470"
"Bergan","Associates","Bergan Associates","215","7575538"
"Frank","Basanta","Frank Basanta","212","2332949"
"Gary","Bernine","TSA Inc.","708","9480043"
"","Coors","Coors Brewing Company","303","3880885"
"Robert","Cortlandt","Robert Cortlandt","415","3924164"
"Dan","Darling","Dan Darling","402","333-5289"
"Bob","Dudley","BSP And Associates","714","4974086"
"John","Dunaway","John Dunaway","810","8274869"
"","EA Engineering","EA Engineering, Science and Technology","303","48846=
"Francine","Fabrizi","Technical Recruiting Manager","407","9957815"
"","Flex Access","Flex Access Technology","303","3880885"
"Tolly","Gibbs","Documentation Development","617","8649545"
"","IBMRACI","Workforce Solutions an IBM Company","704","5943450"
"Michael","James","Michael James","513","4615848"
"","JOB # CC/AySW","2068896455","206","8896455"
"","JobMatch","JobMatch OnLine","719","5796666"
"Jim","Johnson","Options Unlimited","301","5854779"
"Tom","Knight","Computer People Corp.","301","5981899"
"Sumith","Kumar","Sumith Kumar","404","9314814"
"Christine","Leonardo","Lotus Development Corporation","617","6931909"
"","Managed Care","Attn: Managed Care","303","3880885"
"","Manager","NAPA - Human Resources","201","4025151"
"Ed","Motycki","Ed Motycki","412","7614496"
"Stuart","Newborn","Stuart Newborn","410","2528033"
"Jim","Parker","Matrix Search Network","310","4520346"
"","Productive Data Systems","Productive Data Systems","303","2207425"
"Jay","Riffe","SHL SYstemhouse","407","7675309"
"","Sanford Rose","Sanford Rose Associates","207","9856513"
"Michelle","Schoen","Michelle Schoen","612","2226225"
"TransQuest","Technologies","TransQuest Technologies","408","2466656"
"Rick","Zabor","Rick Zabor","404","4149719"
"","","Belcan Information Service","919","7839249"
"","","Brandon Systems","703","2647706"
"","","Broadway & Seymour, Inc.","704","3443330"
"","","CDI Information Services","919","4677653"
"","","Cloisonne Limited","919","5712590"
"","","Comprehensive Computer Consulting","704","5560335"
"","","Computer Sciences Corp.","919","5412075"
"","","Corporate Staffing Consultants, Inc.","919","7826606"
"","","Executive Staffing Services, Inc.","919","7836351"
"","","First Choice Personnel","919","7902699"
"","","First In Temporaries","919","7835698"
"Tricia (sp?)","","","919","3611167"
"Janice","Boeck","Cutler/Williams, Inc.","919","7836852"
"Meredith","Burke","Computer Horizons, Inc.","919","8590700"
"Brenda","Carey","Amos & Associates","919","2221214"
"Ronnnie","Duncan","Advanced Concepts","919","7810070"
"Bill","Hackos","Comtech Services","303","2320659"
"Dan","Heebner","Global Documentation Consultants","919","8328687"
"Bill","Hood","Datronics, Inc.","919","9909004"
"Julie","Jallard","Belcan Technical Services","919","7839249"
"Roy","Jones","Safe Card","904","9281874"
"Pam","Kellum","Computer Intelligence, Inc.","919","6768484"
"Kelly","Klause","Computer Task Group","919","7900706"
"Ed","Krejcik","Visual Numerics, Inc.","303","5309329"
"Irene","Littleton","The Blethen Group","919","2776274"
"Janice","Loan","Great West Life Assurance","303","6893925"
"Scott","Marchal","Software Artistry","203","4377812"
"Kimberly","Melvin","Howard Systems International, Inc.","919","7879559"
"Richard","Newns","IMI Systems, Inc.","919","5108128"
"Dick","Tallman","COMSYS Technical Services","919","4601010"
"Babbette "Babs"","Thomasson","dP Pros, Inc","919","2276274"
"Linda","Williams","Butler Services Group","919","8517232"
"Cathy","Willis","Yoh Company","919","7811388"
"Jan","Winds","Analysts International Corp.","919","4606433"
"Scott","Wintrip","Capital Data","800","7874172"

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